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What is ancho
River Reflection, Rivery Avon Bristol, photo taken by T-BAR

"River Reflection" River Avon , Bristol. May 2019 Photo by T-BAR 

"What is counselling" By Cambridge Open College


If you're considering Counselling, you're probably experiencing some emotional challenges. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck or your struggling with loss, relationships and uncertainty. Battling feelings of depression, worthlessness, anxiety, or stress, you may even be experiencing a variety of physical symptoms.

For me, our mental health is just like our physical health.  At times we already know what we "should be" doing but we lack the motivation or will, hoping things will improve on their own. Sometimes we experience those little niggles and groans, we try really hard to ignore them, distracting ourselves with seemingly more important things home, family, work. Maybe with thoughts of; I just don’t have the time, money, enthusiasm to do anything about it now, maybe tomorrow? Often using unhealthy coping strategies of food, alcohol, or drugs to self-soothe. 

Until, for some of us, we experience life-limiting pain, maybe it’s always been there and its broken to the surface, but it’s the kind of pain that stops us in our tracks. As much as we try to get moving again, back to a more comfortable place, the more we feel trapped, stuck, unable to shift the growing pain.  

In our counselling sessions  we will address this pain, exploring  your triggers, blocks and motivation, working out what you ‘want’  rather than what you ‘should do’. Counselling is about identifying and exploring  those niggles. Where did they come from?  What's helpful, What isn't? How do you deal with them in a positive way? Together we will exam those life-limiting aches and pains, their origins, learning to listen to your body. Moving to a place of acceptance around the things within your control, and those outside. Embracing positive changes, that will enhance, fulfil and maintain a sense of wellbeing in your life.

Life, really is tough at times, I can offer a safe and confidential space for you to explore in-depth your thoughts and feelings, sometimes for the very first time. Counselling is not about telling you what to do  but is ultimately about empowering you to find your own solutions.

Please contact me if you have any questions about how I can help.


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